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Alistair King, 2021 Pitcher Awards Heritage Jury President



Director, Dilucidar and Managing Director APAC, Leidar

Good Jury Member



With 25 years of strategic and visual communications experience, Carolina Rodriguez heads the international, award-winning communications and design agency Dilucidar and is Managing Director of Leidar Singapore, a boutique communications consulting firm. Carolina is also a guest lecturer at the Asia School of Business where she teaches storytelling and data visualization to the MIT-ASB MBA programme. She is the Chair of the Sustainability Committee at the Swedish Chamber of Commerce in Singapore where she has spearheaded collective business outreach initiatives that have led to tangible impact and award-winning campaigns. She has worked with the United Nations, the World Bank, NGOs and businesses in the design and development of hi-impact advocacy campaigns and innovative communication products to unpack policy and ESG issues to support high-level decision-making, create awareness and drive change to promote sustainability. Dilucidar’s Killer Facts campaign for Oxfam on inequality in West Africa won the Bronze Pitcher Award in Good in 2022. She is a global citizen from Chile, Argentina and Sweden based in Singapore and has worked with global leaders such as Kofi Annan, Graça Machel and Olusegun Obasanjo to promote a fairer, more sustainable world.

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