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Alistair King, 2021 Pitcher Awards Heritage Jury President



Associate Creative Director, Ogilvy Africa

Entertainment Jury Member



I believe in African brands and I live to build that
Africa is rising, how many times have you heard that line?

Countless times I bet but you know what, this is true. It’s like when your father constantly told you something and when you grew up, you found it he was right. Africa is rising, and at an unbelievable pace.

Over the last 10+ years I have worked on Africa’s leading brands. From large corporates to small upcoming businesses and the one thing I’ve learnt, that African enterprise will take the continent to those heights that we all know she can reach.

But, (there’s always a but) businesses need to start thinking different. By looking at their consumers needs differently and solving those needs differently through gathering insights that lead to great innovation and great consumer experiences, while solving social problems with a business solution coupled with excellence in execution. That is what I was born to do.

I don’t know of a better place to be than Africa right now. I don’t know of a better opportunity than being an African brand builder.

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