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Guinness August Meeting





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The Beer category in Nigeria is one of the most competitive. The Beer category is highly competitive and Guinness FES was considered premium due to it&#39;s procing and positioning. We were also beginning to loose share in the South Eastern region due to the highly competitive category and some beer brands positioned as beers for the South Eastern region in Nigeria. we were also beginning to loose penetration amongst female LPA 24 drinkers. The Trademark brand, Guinness FES was also perceived to be a drink for the Male gender and was loosing the female audience. The August meeting Eastern Campaign was very strategic to the perception of Guinness as a brand in the South Eastern region. The Campaign objective was to drive diversity and inclusion by increasing penetration amongst female drinkers in the South Eastern region.<br /> &nbsp;From campaign objective, we have to increase awareness for the Guinness trademark brand amongst female drinkers, frequency of purchase and brand love amongst the female audience and in turn the South Eastern location.&nbsp;

Creative Idea

August meeting is a grand homecoming in August for Igbo women from Nigeria. What better way to celebrate women who are doing a lot locally within their communitites.<br /> These was to recognize women for the works and achievement they are doing.


To empower and encourage women who were already making a difference in their community.<br /> This was also to give them a voice, and ensure make them understand that Guinness as a brand recognizes them. About 50women were individually given assistance for their family, businesses and further development of the community. Underprivileged women who also needed help were supported.


The execution was done strategically to position Guinness as the brand that supports women.<br /> 1.TEASE PHASE: The campaign launched with radio deployment in the local communities to drive awareness about the August meeting with materials in the local dialect. This drove anticipation and talkability in those locations as to how the August meeting would be different this year, OOH was also used to drive it. LAUNCH PHASE: For the launch phase, we deployed the TVC creative which was a special creative about how important and rich in culture the Igbo women of the South Eastern location are. We however leveraged a Sponsorship (Big Brother Naija) that was ongoing (the leading sponsorship content) that drives engagement in Nigeria to also deploy the campaign making it a National campaign. The climax of these was the BTL Activation. Guinness hosted the August meeting of many local communities including &quot;Umebie Community&quot; August meeting in Imo state. Pages were deployed in leading newspapers in the country of the visit of &quot;Onyeka Onwenu&quot; to the local community in Imo state. We also had a sustenance phase for the campaign on TV and OOH.


&bull;&nbsp;&nbsp; &nbsp;The August meeting campaign was for 2 months, increase in brand sales in the South Eastern region.<br /> &bull;&nbsp;&nbsp; &nbsp;Over 1m views generated on socials.<br /> 18.8mn impressions on social media<br /> On radio we reached over 4mn people.<br /> &bull;&nbsp;&nbsp; &nbsp;Increase in brand consumption amongst Female LPA-24 drinkers.<br /> Increase in brand equity and meaningfulness<br /> &bull;&nbsp;&nbsp; &nbsp;We also achieved 70% awareness in the category


Joshua Igbasan, mediaReach OMD Nigeria, Business Lead Yinka Akintayo,&nbsp;&nbsp;mediaReach OMD Nigeria, Senior Manager, Buying and Control Temitope Ayanbade, mediaReach OMD Nigeria, Deputy Manager Buying and Control Noheem Ashafa,&nbsp;mediaReach OMD Nigeria, Senior Executive&nbsp;Planning Adeniyi Ajibade,&nbsp;mediaReach OMD Nigeria, Deputy Manger, Planning&nbsp; Ezinne Eze,&nbsp;mediaReach OMD Nigeria, Executive, Planning Damilola Adebayo,&nbsp;mediaReach OMD Nigeria, Executive, Planning Festus Agbi,&nbsp;mediaReach OMD Nigeria, Senior Executive, Buying and Control

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