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Use of Influencers and Brand Ambassadors

Orange EOY





AG Partners Publicis Africa Group


Orange Cameroon


For the end of year celebrations, Orange is launching a big game with 250 million CFA francs to be won in total. Question : How to link the holidays and the game in a period where all brands are communicating?<br /> &nbsp;

Creative Idea

<strong>Cameroon 2022 : 2 huge trends about financial security swept the Nation.</strong>&nbsp;&nbsp;<br /> A song by KO-C and a short video by a young internet user Mc-Tatat about his financial inspiration&nbsp;that invaded the Cameroonian web in a few days. <strong>Our idea : and if the 2 trends became one ? by creating a dual-trend campaign involving our two aspiring billionaires</strong> &nbsp;


The aim is to capitalise on the digital fame of the two characters to give another dimension to the Orange game and to get everyone talking about it during EOY.


We started with the character of McTatat, who has become the representative of the popular youth who aspires to become rich and reach the top, to have him meet KO-C, the singer, in a film, who will enable him to realise all the dreams described in the song.&nbsp;<br /> From this we developed a fun and dynamic 360&deg; campaign on tv, radio, OOH, online with contest&nbsp;and a big tour in all the country.&nbsp;


<h3><strong>Orange Cameroon created the biggest trend of the year.</strong></h3> 881,189 commitments 963 107 view 4,811,865 people reached 7,063,237 impressions


<strong>AG Partners</strong> David Vallier / ECD William Takor / CD Williamson &nbsp;Kamndem / DA Martial Cheumaleu / DA Louis Parfait Noah / CW Lafon Isabelle / CW Kelly-Pride Che / english CW Muriel Nnaze / project Manager &nbsp; <strong>Orange Cameroon</strong> Yves Kom Venant Pouemi /&nbsp;Senior Manager communication &amp; brand Robert Ekoto Maxime Petoh Deborah Fodop &nbsp; <strong>Black Art production</strong> &nbsp;

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