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Use of Influencers and Brand Ambassadors








Mouka Foam Limited


Scientific study reveals that humans spend one third of their lives sleeping and in addition, quality sleep is linked to physical and psychological wellbeing as well as a better quality of life. When we probed further through research, and we received even more insight about how a good night&rsquo;s sleep helps make a better person as they wake up refreshed and ready to take on the day (can think clearly, is emotionally stable and productive). Brand Health tracking reports however picked up 2 major dissatisfactions of consumers towards the category.<br /> Mattresses often &ldquo;collapse&rdquo; after a long period of use. Some collapse earlier than others due to poor quality.&nbsp; This collapse/loss of firmness often leads to body aches and pain, thereby negatively affecting health/wellbeing. On an average, they change their mattresses every 7 years hence this purchase decision is not taken lightly.<br /> Buying the right mattress for them is a task. They cant tell one from the other. &ndash; which one is right for my body?

Creative Idea

Create the need for consumer to understand the method of&nbsp; choosing the right mattrass.<br /> &nbsp;<br /> Ensure the use of professional and comical influencers Support the brand massaging with expert opinion that clarifies questions before buying.<br /> Infuse comedy in the communication using an infuse with high affinity to the TGs. Make the message scalable across platform. &nbsp;


Prime time belt were selected to leveraged on TGs presence and most period of convergence.<br /> The campaign showed up during top rated music countdown shows on TV presented by rated DJs across the region.


op rated skit makers Brother&nbsp; Shaggi &amp; Brain Jotter featured in consumers education using their comical representation to portray brand messaging. Each artist creating content that resonates with the brand. Highly rated movie maker and actor; Sola Sobowale was featured in communicating the social economic class of another category of the TG to indicates brands diversity. Media practitioner from the National Association of orthopedics Manual Therapists (NAOMT) and Nigerian Association of Physiotherapy (NSP) Both president of the associations affirmed their endorsement for the brand, authenticating the validity of the brand&#39;s messaging &nbsp;


Average revenue per mattress went up by +240%, CY21 vs CY20. This indicates that rather than buying the cheapest Mouka mattress available, consumers were now upscaling to the right Mouka mattress for their body.<br /> NB: The higher the density of the mattress, the higher the load bearing capacity (body weight it can support), the more expensive the mattress.<br /> Volumes sales up by 26%<br /> Value sales up by 57%


Richard Abdul/mediareachOMD/Planner Tunde Ojo/mediareachOMD/Media Buyer

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