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Use of Influencers and Brand Ambassadors

MTN Broadband Integration





PHD Media


MTN Nigeria


We took product and brand integration on TV to a new high, a never-before proposition in the Nigerian TV landscape that had no limitations and were relevant to our core target audience as well as driving revenue for the MTN Business in Nigeria.  MTN as a brand had struggled with creating organic connections through its product offerings across key media channels, due to the multiplicity of competitive category offerings we needed to define and craft a distinctive way of infusing brand offerings across most relatable media touchpoints especially on tv. 

Creative Idea

Content still remains king! Anything can be weaved and scripted into content through the right messaging, timing and delivery will surely get the right attention of the consumer or end user. We also figured that there were certain products and propositions that the brand had which held a longer staying power and could be amplified on media. The mifi/broadband devices created an opportunity for us to showcase strong functionality of how and what these products could do for its consumers. 


How do we showcase the three main features of Speed, Connectivity and Convenience of the MTN MiFi.  We had to find a unique way of executing product integration but make it organic.  The strategy was to take each specific feature/benefit of the brands mifi device and weave it into the script of movie or series. This would be done in such a way that at no one point would you see the full display of the device or would you hear any of the character talk about the full device but rather they would talk separately about each unique feature of the device related to that particular scene of the movie. 


We took one of the most watched Family content series on TV – THE JOHNSONS – and completely renegotiated our product integration proposition. A first of its kind in Nigeria that leveraged key character product endorsements. Every character within the series played the role of product ambassadors tying into different scenes that showcased the product benefits and usage.  For the first time, we achieved a product integration sequence that was dramatic, relatable and organic.  Our nationwide cable broadcast on dstv and gotv gave us wide visibilty, reach and product penetration. 


Over 30% increase in devise purchases  Over 20m+ viewership across the africa magic channels on dstv and gotv.  Brand atrribution had also increased by 2% for the mifi devices.  


We want to acknowlede: The producers of The Johnsons MTN Marketing Team

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