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Use of Insights and Strategy

Data is Life 5.0





Noah's Ark Communications Limited


Airtel Nigeria


With data remaining the fastest growing segment in the Nigerian Telecommunications space, the <strong>Data Is Life</strong> platform has been a vehicle used in communicating Airtel&rsquo;s data service superiority. Beyond this, however, was also the fact that consumer mood in regards to data services was getting sour in addition to antics from competition. From data&nbsp; sentiment analysis across all Telco brands, it appeared that consumer data needs had gone leaps and bounds ahead of what telco had to offer. This, in a nutshell, necessitated the further utilisation of this vehicle and the eventual development of the Data Is Life 5.0 campaign.

Creative Idea

The resulting creative work gave birth to the simple idea that &lsquo;The Important Things In Life Are Powered By Data&rsquo; showcasing Airtel as that brand that gave people convenient and reliable access to the important things in their lives through data. We sought to bring this to life using emotionally compelling stories showing just what Airtel data can give access to.


<strong>When people buy data, they are not really buying data, they are buying the important things in their lives.</strong> This was the singular truth discovered from hours of interaction with a diverse array of consumers. This showed that dissatisfaction with data services was as a result of them not being able to do all the things they want to do with data when in actuality, data was providing them with the important things in their lives. This insight was further fueled by the fact that data wasn&rsquo;t responding to market forces so while consumers agreed that their pocket size was shrinking significantly, 100% of them insisted they had either maintained or increased their data usage/spend.


In bringing the idea to life, we created an emotionally compelling story of a young girl called Esther, who communicates and interacts with her world through the help of a data enabled device despite being mute, showing that communication and interaction with her world is possible with the <strong>power of data</strong>. &nbsp; For the second route, we took a tactical approach where we showed the product in use, using short clips of different scenarios in which data powers life&rsquo;s important experiences. <strong><em>&ldquo;Breakfast&rdquo;, </em></strong>tells the story of a lover collecting receipts online in order to have enough evidence to serve her boyfriend breakfast (break up with him). <strong><em>&ldquo;Blogger&rdquo;, </em></strong>Captures the story of a food blogger who unknowingly stumbles on a juicy breakup in a restaurant while doing a live vlog and finally, <strong><em>&ldquo;Escapist&rdquo;, </em></strong>&nbsp;tells the tale of a young man trying to escape the boredom of long hours in traffic by streaming videos online.


Currently being featured on the coveted Ads Of The World platform, Esther was also dubbed the most engaging campaign in Africa by Marketing Edge magazine currently with <strong>2.1 million views on Twitter, 1.3 million views on Instagram, and 2 million views on YouTube. </strong>The TVC gained lots of positive reviews which superseded the negatives from the audience perspective as regards ads comprehension, appreciation and performance<strong>. Positive sentiment totaled at 884, negative 5, while neutral stood at 472.</strong> Across Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook the campaigns had the following results. <strong>Breakfast </strong>had a total of 3.3m impressions, reach of 1.5m, engagement total of 37k <strong>Blogger </strong>had a total of 4.6m impressions, reach of 717k, engagement total of 29k <strong>Escapist</strong> had a total of 3.1m impressions, reach of 2.5m, engagement total of 45k


Chief Executive Officer-Lanre Adisa Executive Creative Director- Bolaji Alausa Chief Operating Officer-Ekene Eyo Creative Director- Maurice Ugwonoh Business Manager-Judith Ezeali Business Manager- Oluwatosin Adewuyi Art Director-Adeyemo Maya Adebowale Art Director-Kazeem Lawal Art Director-Oluwadara Davids Copy Writer- Jesujoba Popoola Copy Writer- Benjamin Ejegwa Copy Writer- Rotimi Afinni Strategy: Ife Tabi Strategy- Adedeji Adeleke Strategy-Anietie Equere Operations-Comfort Akpabio Operations -Blessing Megwara

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