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Use of Insights and Strategy

Together Happiness Happens Happier Together





Noah's Ark Communications Limited




With the launch of the Maltina variants way back in 2020, Maltina expanded its bond positioning into the uplift space effectively making the brand more exciting to young consumers. This, however, gave Maltina the added responsibility of catering not only to this new young demographic but also its original and more mature audience which explains why priority for Maltina moving into 2022 was to ensure the brand stays <strong>meaningful </strong>which is not only a measure of how much both demographic love or hate the brand but also how the brand is able to meet both their functional and emotional needs. &nbsp; In doing this, we needed to start with a major market for the Maltina, naturally this took us to the North, a region that contributes over half of our sales volume. In our desire to cater to our demographic spectrum, we took advantage of the one thing they had in common, socialising.

Creative Idea

The resulting creative work gave birth to the simple idea that &lsquo;Together, Happiness Happens (Idan Muna Tare, Farin Ciki Na Faruwa)&rsquo; showcasing Maltina as that social lubricant that allows family and friends share memorable and happy moments together showing just how Maltina ignites happy connections


<strong>To the average Northerner, family and community are everything but their ability to socialise has its limitations based on cultural expectations and rules.</strong> &nbsp; This was the singular truth discovered from hours of interaction with the young, middle aged, and matured northerner. It showed that as a people; whether liberal, conservative, or traditional, socialising was a big part of their tradition as it helped blur the lines between family and community. Due to the close knit nature of the north, these two important elements are often intertwined because for many of them, their definition of family transcends blood relations encompassing neighbours and friends. The tension however comes into play as their ability to blur this line can sometimes be made difficult due to certain expectations and cultural/ religious rules that govern their daily lives. &nbsp; As a brand that firmly holds the belief that &lsquo;Everyone, no matter who they are or how they live, should be able to experience and enjoy happy moments with the important people in their lives&rsquo;, the role we had to play became quite apparent.


In bringing this to life, we created a heartwarming story of friends who due to certain traditional rules, their ability to socialise was restricted which impeded the extent of their happiness, only after finding a way to be together were they truly happy.


Across Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook the campaigns had the following results. A total reach of 1m, total impressions was over 2k and views was also over 2k.


Chief Creative Officer-Lanre Adisa Executive Creative Director- Bolaji Alausa Chief Operating Officer-Ekeno Eyo Creative Director- Maurice Ugwonoh Business Manager-Jumoke Akinyele Business Manager- Adeola Ogunade Business Manager: Maria Omole Business Manager: Ayomide Olatunji Business Manager: Ojumitunrayo Olufade Business Manager: Mayomikun Rasaq Art Director: Gabriel Olonisakin Art Director: Fred Edomah Art Director: Ayomide Aluko Copy Writer: Olanike Ladokun Copy Writer: Gbeminiyi Mann Illustration: Tochukwu Osakwe Strategy: Ife Tabi Strategy: Anietie Equere Operations: Comfort Akpabio Operations: Blessing Megwara

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