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Uber Go Campaign





dentsu X Nigeria




Commuting in Lagos can be stressful; this is caused by traffic congestion, bad roads, and poor transport system. However, commuting can be bearable when driven in a comfortable car by a courteous driver. Uber had the first-mover advantage in the e-ride hailing industry but was perceived as a more expensive option compared to its competitors, leading to a loss of market share YOY. To address this major barrier to trial, Uber launched a new product called UberGO to offer affordable rides in Lagos, around Chevron, Lekki, Victoria Island, Yaba, Surulere, and Ikeja, where the highest volume of Uber’s ride requests come from.   Uber partnered with MasterCard to offer further discounts when customers use UberGO and Mastercard around specified locations, to encourage the adoption of Mastercard as a preferred payment method. We created the “Spend Less with UberGO and MasterCard” campaign to communicate the affordability and value proposition of this partnership using media to deliver key objectives such as creating awareness, App downloads, ride requests, and regaining lapsed users.

Creative Idea

The Creative idea “Spend Less with Uber Go and MasterCard” was developed from insight garnered about the target consumer and their experience with the category. 62% of the TA said they would choose a cheap e-ride-hailing service, while 38% prioritized convenience, driver proximity, safety, or customer service. This formed the basis of our campaign Big Idea, “Move Easy At The Price You Love”. Further research showed that there is no loyalty within the category and price is a major determining factor to booking a ride. This resonated true, as the TA who are between the ages of 18 - 35, are always-on-the-go for their daily hustle with limited disposable income to spend on transportation considering the current economic realities. We created our communication platform pulling further insight from case-use scenarios of key destinations that the TA regularly visit, occasions, and moments where Uber can add value to their life; making our communication relatable and resonate with them.


Our strategy was to bring alive the Big Idea, “Move Easy At The Price You Love” by using a multi-channel mix of TV, Radio, OOH, Social, Programmatic, and Influencers to drive Awareness and Conversion, which were our key communication pillars.   Our approach was centred on insight gained from research, which inspired us to develop impactful materials that focused on UberGO’s affordability from N400, case-use scenarios that were familiar to the TA and geo-target our media placements to the specified locations that data showed had the most ride requests. We activated our Awareness and Conversion strategic pillars by using reach-building media to deliver target KPIs over the campaign period of 8 weeks, with focus on Lagos. We integrated our communication message on Radio, TV, OOH, Social, Programmatic and Influencers.


We aired 10 secs Digital Brand Integration (DBI) on Cable TV during evening primetime belt all week. Using data, we geo-fenced our OOH sites to areas with heavy traffic density and highest ride requests within Uber’s specified locations and deployed 10 secs animated banners and static OOH for 8 weeks. We deployed 15 secs videos on paid Social, optimizing Frequency of 2+ weekly to aid recall and instigate conversion. We deployed 30 secs geo-fenced programmatic videos and display banners targeting our TA with interests in Tech, Fashion, Business, and Entertainment. We optimized for video views and skewed to mobile (web and app) at the cheapest CPM rate. We deployed an SEO-optimized sponsored article on Pulse and Bella Naija, ranking on the first page of Google Search Result Pages, to drive customer intent via search. We established statuesque visibility via banner deployment and Audio ads on Boomplay,, Nairaland and TooXclusive to connect with music enthusiasts, lifestyle, and entertainment news lovers. We used Influencer marketing to drive believability by leveraging social influencers who shared their UberGO experience online through curated content.


Total Reach delivered – 18m (2x more than planned) Total Impressions delivered – 81.7m (3x more than planned) CTR delivered was 0.23% (exceeded the industry benchmark of 0.10%)  80% completion rate of Digital Audio ads Positive sentiment on social media Uber App downloads increased by 35% Requested rides increased by 4x versus the previous month. More drivers signed up to the Uber Go platform 


Adekemi Alegbeleye, dentsu X, dentsu X COO Ibidunni Sanni, dentsu X, Project Manager Oluwafemi Oyenekan, dentsu X, Traditional Media Planner Ademola Kadiri, dentsu X, Social & Content Manager Wilfred Emmanuel, iProspect, Digital Media Planner Funke Adekola, dentsu Creative, Business Director Sola Mosuro, , dentsu Creative, Creative Director Anuoluwapo Kabiawu, dentsu Creative, Account Manager Damola Shonubi, dentsu Creative, Design Manager Baruch Apata, dentsu Creative, Deputy Creative Director Marian Ogaziechi, General Manager, D’agyle Systems Nigeria Oladunni Akinola, Account Manager, D’agyle Systems Nigeria Tope Akinwunmi , Uber Technologies, Country Manager Mayuri Pillay, Uber Technologies, Marketing Manager, Sub-Saharan Africa

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