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Hennessy VS All I Need





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In Nigeria, Premium Brown Spirits like Glenfiddich, Martell, Jameson, and Johnnie Walker dominate over 62% of the Spirit Category Media spend, investing in Pan-Nigeria multi-channel campaigns targeted at the HNWI older generation, however, there is a new generation of consumers. Hennessy currently dominates 66% of the Cognac Category and appeals to the new generation of Premium Spirit Drinkers who are luxury nibblers with a passion for living a high-energy lifestyle using a fusion of Urban Lifestyle, Hip Hop, Fashion, and Art by positioning Hennessy VS as the primary recruitment variant. Hennessy VS ‘All I Need” campaign was launched to recruit, reignite, and deepen the connection with the consumer using Storytelling, and meaningful experiences. We achieved this using a multi-channel approach, we combined PR and Experiential to expand consumption beyond the night into the daytime. We leveraged Innovation and Best-In-Class media execution to showcase opportunities and increase awareness for the brand.

Creative Idea

Our communication platform “All I Need” was drawn from the brand truth that Hennessy is the most aspirational and coolest Premium spirit Brand which provides a platform to expose and nurture new talent, create hip-hop collaborations, and empowers the new generation of consumers.   We crafted our Creative Idea ‘Never Stop, Never Settle’ from Hennessy’s position as the enabler to success and expressed this across Urban Pop culture, using notable African influencers such as Ama Asantewa Diaka; a Ghanaian Author, Del B; a Nigerian Music Producer and Song Writer, Sho Madjozi; a South African Rapper, and Scoop Mahkathini;  a South African TV Host.   Our communication materials were created from the Influencers’ narrative of success and ‘All they Needed’ to succeed. The various copy concepts inspired our TA as they are aspirational, and success driven.


Our strategy was driven by local market insight and nuances using audio-visual channels to communicate the Brand essence. Our strategic pillars were focused on achieving Reach with consistent recency, Relevance, and Brand Experiences, this formed the core of our campaign executions on TV, Out-Of-Home, Social, and Programmatic. Our approach was to position the brand within contextually relevant environments such as Music, Sports, Movies, and fashion which had high appeal and resonance with the Target consumer. We developed our media campaign to be ‘Always On’ on Digital, and a minimum of 40 WOA on traditional channels for TOMA. We explored high-energy environments by stepping up our communication in the On and Modern Trade with permanently visible and interactive location based Out-Of-Home executions. 


We used Industry data AMPS and our proprietary Data CCS to query our TA’s interests, lifestyle, and preferred media; this informed our channel selection.  We delivered Reach and Affinity by infusing Digital Brand Integration (DBI) into our TV 60” campaign for 40 weeks consistently. Using data, we combined Roadside and Location-based Out-Of-Home deploying 10” animated banners on billboards. We used 3-faced portrait, gantry, and wall-mounted LED boards to guarantee OTS as there is heavy foot and vehicular traffic around the selected locations. The creative execution was bold and impactful with over 133,395 daily impressions. On Digital, we deployed 10” animated banners and static images on paid Social, optimizing Frequency of 2+ weekly to drive reach and aid recall. We deployed via programmatic buy and partnerships with Eskimi and Promofix to scale reach and connect with our audience on websites they frequently visit. We promoted lifestyle images and 10” animated content on owned Social prioritizing placements on reels, stories and Instagram Explore while leveraging YouTube TrueView ads to intercept their online video watching, targeting specific placements. 


Total Reach delivered – 23.2m Total Impressions delivered –71m. CTR delivered was 0.37% (exceeded the industry benchmark of 0.10%)  Total Engagement delivered – 3.2m iX112 positive sentiments on Social Media 24.3% increase in YouTube subscribers to 42,497 +23% Market Share versus PY Earned Media valued at 20% of Digital Media Investment Earned Music Video credit for Hennessy valued at N120m.


Adekemi Alegbeleye, dentsu X, GM/COO Ibidunni Sanni, dentsu X, Project Manager Oluwafemi Oyenekan, dentsu X, Traditional Media Planner Iheanyichukwu Ekechi, iProspect, Programmatic Lead Wilfred Emmanuel, iProspect, Digital Performance Strategist Chike Oputa, dentsu Location Services, Business Director Ganiat Bioyo, dentsu Location Services, OOH Media Manager Sebastien Chouen, Marketing Director, Moet Hennessy Nigeria Oluwole Awoleke, Marketing Manager, Moet Hennessy Nigeria  

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