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International Women's Day Celebration





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Every March 8th, the world recognizes International Women’s Day. A day to celebrate the accomplishments of women in areas like culture, politics, economy. We  celebrate activists on a global level, raising awareness of their work and the challenges they faced in the society at large.

Creative Idea

We were able to drive conversation between customers and non-customers of Airtel on and offline. Leveraging on the IWD theme, customers spoke on how they had experienced bias


With the gradual uptake of twitter spaces, people have been going on the conversational platform and the brand  leveraged on it to drive inclusiveness and encouraged people to participate in Breaking The Bias and not make it about the Brand Airtel.


We executed via&nbsp; Radio&nbsp; &amp; Digital<br /> 1. Radio (Hypes): Objective of the hype was to convince and spur our audience to participate in the International Women&rsquo;s Day engagement that held on Twitter Space<br /> We focused mainly on key stations with high ratings in each location picked<br /> The campaign was directed primarily at women then the general public<br /> The campaign&nbsp; focused on a time belt where the TA will be most attentive<br /> 2. Digital: An Airtel Break the Bias Twitter space was hosted by top&nbsp; KOLs to discuss everyday biases women deal with and how were been able to overcome<br /> In order to drive anticipation ahead of the Twitter space, micro and Nano influencers across Instagram and Twitter were leveraged to remind and create buzz<br /> A 1-day Twitter trend campaign was also used to drive awareness and conversations about &ldquo;Overcoming Everyday Bias As A Woman&rdquo;<br /> A video montage was created with female influencers that spanned across various industries to share a 20-30secs emotive experience where biases have been broken personally or at work.<br /> <br /> &nbsp;


Increased awareness, brand relevance and loyalty<br /> An avenue was created for women to share their pains on biases by a brand that cares



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