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Lagos Food Bank Initiative


According to the National Bureau of Statistics (NBS), 133m people in Nigeria suffer multidimensional poverty, which looks at three dimensions of well-being; monetary poverty, education, and basic infrastructure services. As an agency, we leveraged the Valentine season of love to launch our CSR initiative which is deeply rooted in Sustainability and Empowerment. It was the perfect opportunity to show love and care to the disenfranchised by partnering with a charity foundation.   We partnered with the Lagos Food Bank Initiative, a non-governmental organization (NGO) that focuses on making food more sustainable through livestock and crop farming initiatives, alongside their food bank system. Lagos Food Bank Initiative is committed to fighting hunger, reducing food waste, and solving the problem of malnutrition in Nigeria. We created the “Experience Love” campaign to show our commitment by helping over 50 local communities, including widows and children facing the current socio-economic challenges in Nigeria to feel the hardship a little less during the season of love.  

Creative Idea

Our Communication Platform, “Experience Love” was inspired by our Agency’s mantra, “Experience Beyond Exposure”, which is rooted in the belief that everyone should have meaningful and valuable experiences. This informed our decision to reach out and show love during Valentine to people that are outside our circle of family and friends. Our communication materials were created to celebrate the season, and to reiterate the message that love is better shown through caring for one another. It was the perfect opportunity to show how much we care. As an agency, we aim to be ‘a force for good’, using our talent and creativity to actively build a world that is more sustainable and inclusive through a wide variety of community activities.   The “Experience Love” initiative is in line with the agency group’s regional ‘Draw the Line’ campaign to end malaria and the company’s CSR Sustainability initiative, aimed at actualising the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and fostering social impact across the globe.


Our strategic approach was to position the Agency as a “force for good” through active participation in the critical issues that affect Nigerians such as hunger and malaria using the Valentine season to donate food and essentials to the community. We were tactical about collaborating with a Non-For-Profit Organization, the Lagos Food Bank Initiative by joining the Volunteering team to distribute donations to the communities during the Food Drive on Valentine’s Day.   We drove Engagement among other volunteers and beneficiaries, creating content that showed empathy, reflected the current plight of underprivileged Nigerians, and inspired other corporate organizations to take action. This formed the core of our campaign executions on Digital and PR using Storytelling to establish the narrative.  


The “Experience Love” campaign was executed offline by donated foodstuff and household essentials to support communities in need during this period of economic hardship, riding on the agency’s ‘Draw the Line’ campaign to end malaria, we donated Long-Lasting Insecticidal Nets (LLIN) to help our local communities fight Malaria which accounts for approximately 11% of mortality in Nigeria, a staggering statistic, especially among pregnant women and children.” We created content from the activation and cascaded online to encourage and motivate our audience.  We used pictures and videos to capture the brand experience on owned Social, deployed articles on marketing-centric publications and sponsored posts on blogs and websites on Valentine’s Day, tying the visit to the brand’s idea of sharing love through action. We used Public Relations to amplify our partnership with Lagos Food Bank Initiative to drive further collaborations for Corporate Social Responsibility in tackling social and environmental issues in Nigeria.


100 new followers for the Agency within the first 2 days 50% increase in positive sentiment on social media 75% increase in directions to Agency office via Google Maps 50% of Agency staff joined Lagos Food Bank Initiative as volunteers.


Adekemi Alegbeleye, dentsu X, dentsu X COO Ibidunni Sanni, dentsu X, Project Manager Ademola Kadiri, dentsu X, Social & Content Manager Michael Sunbola, Lagos Food Bank Initiative, Executive Director

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