Airtel Binge

SUPPORT MATERIAL: Category: Innovation | Messaging Award Level: SHORTLIST Brand: Airtel Nigeria | Entrant Company: digitXplus, Lagos, Nigeria Background
Airtel had a specific data campaign that had been on for 3 months (May-July 2019) which gave consumers an opportunity to buy huge data bundles for a very short validity at a minimal cost, the adoption for the offer had however plateaued across channels (minimal incremental adoption rate), so the task was to identify ways to increase adoption on the products. Creative Idea
Competitive brands had similar products and were using the same channels to communicate to consumers and potential consumers
Data appetite for consumers differ depending on the type of content that they consuming on each platform
Content drivers on platforms with high affinity will drive adoption if skewed as organic and non branded content they consumed on the platform Strategy
A storytelling approach was adopted by using Snap ads and Story ads on Snapchat.
Snap Ads: These were deployed as single image ads with two variations. The audience were able to consume the content in between their stories and subscribed channels with an option to ‘Swipe Up’ to adopt the Binge offer that gave them the opportunity to spend more time on twitter at a little cost.
Story Ads: These were deployed as a carousel of 6 images/tiles telling a story of all the possible data heavy moments where the Binge plan could be utilized with the actual sell of the plan on the last tile; all with an option to ‘Swipe Up’ to adopt the Binge offer. Execution
The story ads were strategically positioned in the Discovery section and as such it was hard to tell on first glance that it was paid content; this drastically increased our reach as the Airtel content was consumed alongside other organic content. Results
In three month Adoption rate increased by 20%;
With 11M impressions and 67,000 swipe-ups on the snap ads and story ads.
A recommendation from Snapchat as being the best brand on Snapchat through our story telling initiative Pan-Africa .

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