Annual Report Sonatel Orange 2018

Category: Channel | Integrated Campaigns Award Level: SHORTLIST Brand: Sonatel-Orange group | Entrant Company: Caractère, Dakar, Senegal Background Sonatel Orange Group is the historical and leading telecoms service provider in Senegal. It operates also in Mali, Guinea, Guinea Bissau and Sierra Leone. Every year, when holding its General Meeting, the Group issues its Annual Report. Illustrated every time by a different theme, the report has become a collector item, namely thanks to the quality of its pictures, but also a tool to communicate and reassert the Group’s values. For the 2018 edition, published on April 2019, the strategy consists in reminding the Group's commitment as regards CSR by reaffirming its position: "placing the human being at the heart of everything", Nit Mooy Lepp in wolof, with a common message : #HumanInside. Are there any "humans" closer to our daily lives in Africa than workers/peddlers we meet down the street? Creative Idea The purpose is to catch by surprise the group's shareholders, but also the general public, by displaying differently a major company's report, making it both more human and digest. More human by putting in the limelight 10 real persons, street "entrepreneurs" cast in their workplace, with sublimed and poetic profiles, while focusing on their businesses : accessories and items are used in the project in both minimalist and unreal visuals. One adjective goes with each character, in line with his/her business but also one inspiring word for us when we meet the character. More digest by proposing to turn this report into a new and interactive experience which will expand conversation and allow the target and general public discovering additional information thanks to features provided by the digital world such as graphic designs, sound interviews or else videos, thus becoming an IAR, an Integrated Annual Report. Strategy Insight : There is hope for the future and it is up to all to seize it from now on. Challenge : Demonstrate that Sonatel, the largest company of the sub-region, can stay close to the populations to whom it provides solutions on a daily basis. Media strategy : Online, We decided to use Sonatel's social media channels in the 5 countries where the group operates (Senegal, Mali, Guinea Bissau, Guinea and Sierra Leone) and also Orange Senegal’s social media : Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Youtube to disseminate footage, interviews as well as the making-of. Posts went hand in hand with the launch of the mini website. Offline : In addition to the publication of the Annual Report in 1000 copies, full-size pictures were printed to decorate the space where the General Meeting is held, as well as a lot of goodies. Execution On April 17, 2019, day of the Group's Annual Meeting at Diamniadio Conference Center, near Dakar, the illustrated Annual Report is handed out to shareholders including 10 pictures of our models for a day. At the entrance hall of the Center, visitors are welcomed by full-size pictures and, behind each of them, is installed a video/audio system where they can discover the interview of each model. The mini-website, goes live that day and will remain online until February 2020, date of publication of the 2019 results, where we find the making-of shooting, graphic designs, 10 interviews videos, etc. As early as April 17, and for a little more than a month, interviews of our "heroes" are posted on Sonatel Group and its business brand Orange social media. "Heroes" will also be found on May 1, on the same platforms, extending Labor Day wishes. Results This campaign has generated great social media engagement : More than 50,000 views in a week on Facebook. Reach on twitter : more than 3 millions.

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