Category: Channel | Use of Media Brand: Tecnicil Indústria | Entrant Company: Maianga Cape Verde, Praia, Cape Verde Background
Trin is a very popular soft drink range in Cape Verde. Despite being a family-oriented brand, in 2019, the brand launched the new apple flavor with strong appeal to young audiences. For this reason, the communication strategy for the brand is strongly based on social networks. Therefore, all action of Trin Apple on social networks contains a language closer to youth. Strategy
Since 98% of social network users in Cape Verde access social networks via mobile phones, we created a piece whose essence is fully mobile. To reenforce the essence of the flavour of the Trin Apple soda, we designed a mobile action that we invited users to zoom on the image. Then, we revealed that the bubbles was, in fact, made by real apples. Execution
The action was implemented on the brand's Facebook page and Instagram. Because the brand's social networks extend to the soda brand's priority audience, sponsorship guidance sought definite reach for younger followers. Results
As a result, the post provided increased audience engagement for branded Facebook and Instagram pages and various interactions and sharing.

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