Budweiser 2019 Football Campaign

Category: Channel | Integrated Campaigns Award Level: SILVER Brand: ABInBev - International Breweries | Entrant Company: Vizeum, Lagos, Nigeria Background
Budweiser has long been known as the King of Sports. In 2019 Budweiser launched its global partnership with Premier League and La Liga. But its biggest competition had sole rights to ads on the big screen. So how could we keep the King of Beers top of mind during the League? Creative Idea
To leverage the partnership with Premier League and La Liga, Budweiser Nigeria created a contextually relevant TV show called Kings of Football on one of the biggest Sport platforms in Africa; Super Sport. Using our Premier League and La Liga equity and experiential, we piggy backed on organic moments during the football season to grow brand love (and share) in Nigeria. Strategy
Fans aren’t really on the big screen during the games, are they? 80% of them are on the second screen. Sharing the euphoria with their friends and family. Because it isn’t really about the game, it’s about how the game makes them feel. And Budweiser lives for these euphoric moments. So, we developed a digital-first strategy to celebrate these moments on and off the pitch.
The big screen approach was grounded in very real and ownable truths: i) Budweiser is the official sponsor of the Premier League and Liga; ii) But its biggest competition had sole rights to ads on the big screen. So how could we keep the King of Beers top of mind during the League? By creating our own platform KINGS OF FOOTBALL where viewers got to share and experience magic moments from watching the games and beyond. Execution
Kicking off the campaign, Budweiser launched on OOH with iconic sites using the global Key Visuals displaying top players in the Premier League behind the Be A King brand message. The campaign launched on TV and Digital with a high energy video featuring some of the Premiere leagues’ finest moments and a fitting soundtrack to introduce our sponsorship (Make way for the King….)
Next, we had 2 of the coolest Nigerian personalities, do a short documentary of football moments/players that inspired them to take their shot and be a king. Then we created King of the match prediction game on twitter, giving consumers an opportunity to show love to their favourite team and win based on their ability to predict the outcome of games. We couldn’t run ads during the premier league games, but we ran ads on all live La Liga matches which hit millions of eyeballs and launched Kings of Football - a football TV show where viewers could connect with their favourite stars through different passion points. Results
In terms of results, the campaign hit it out of the park! Over 22Million people have been Reached so far with over 71Million impressions and up to $2m in earned media has been achieved over the first five months of the campaign. Overall ad recall for Budweiser was 8.9Pts over the industry average during the campaign period, while the rating of the brand in helping elevate the experience of Football fans increased by almost 40%.
Viewership for KOF (Fridays 9pm) has grown by 19% over the first half of the football season. 49% of consumers from a survey conducted also said the show lets them know Budweiser is the official sponsor of the PL, while 47% said it lets them know Budweiser is the King of Beers. Over 80% of the respondents from the same survey also find the show entertaining. To cap it all, 84% of respondents said the show is better than other football lifestyle shows.
Budweiser also recorded 64% sales growth over the campaign period.

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