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SUPPORT MATERIALS: Category: Channel | Use of Data Award Level: BRONZE Brand: Huawei Nigeria | Entrant Company: digitXplus, Lagos, Nigeria Background
In an industry with a lot of smartphone brands and new models of these smartphones being released constantly, there was a need to find innovative ways to launch the product to uniquely create awareness in the minds of our audience. Strategy
With the Y7 about to launch we wanted to create a need state for people with an opportunity to pre-order the device.

Huawei Y7 launch coincided with Nigeria General Elections in Feb/Mar 2019. Nigerian Elections have been a bit controversial and often creates huge amount of conversations e.g. the General Elections in 2015 were postponed by 6 weeks and the announceme came on the day of Elections, mainly due to the poor distribution of Permanent Voter Cards. Similary 2019 elections, were shifted by 1 week on the day of elections to 23rd and 24th February 2019, citing logistical challenges in getting electoral materials to polling stations on time, both incidents created a huge amount of conversations.

By analyzing the data of above two data points we realized that there was a lift in conversations on Twitter which was the first port of call for people to speak up and as well as follow/read what's happening real-time. Execution
Based on this insight we decided it was best leverage on Twitter’s First View on Gubernatorial and State Assembly Elections that happened on 9th March 2019 that allows the brand raise mass awareness about the launch of the product, bringing the eyeballs of everyone who came on Twitter in the Nigerian market for a whole day to drive impact and create awareness of the device at the most effective possible cost. Data
Preorders increased by 600% compared to the previous days
Trend impressions + 25% better than previous benchmarks
Tweet impressions +41% better than previous benchmarks
Uses of the #hashtag - + 12% better than previous benchmark Results
The video gained over 43 thousand views with over 1.1 million impressions in one day
The brand was automatically the trending topic on twitter for the whole day amidst the high decibel Elections Trends
Preorders increased by 600% compared to the previous days
Engagement rate +9% better than previous benchmarks

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