Finest things in life

Support Materials: Category: Channel | Use of Insights & Strategy Award Level: SHORTLIST Brand: BBC Industries | Entrant Company: mediaReachOMD Ghana. Accra, Ghana Background
Deluxy is a leading competing brand that has dominated the landscape with OOH across all regions in Ghana. They have been consistent and has a huge economic outlay to win. Considering the level play of competition, we were tasked by the client to launch and penetrate the market by positioning Fine Nest Paint, as a competitive, viable and economical brand. The campaign objective was to drive a minimum of 80% reach and 70%+ penetration through media. Success will be measured by the number of unit sales per distribution zones as well as awareness levels of the product, across the country. Creative Idea
Fine" being a very common word or phrase used in everyday dialect to express the highest standard of things. "Nest" being a structure or place made or chosen by a bird for laying eggs and sheltering its young; meaning home.We needed a platform that could connect and resonate well with Ghanaian. Music, being one of the most loved forms of entertainment in Ghana. We created a song from the word "Fine" and strategically selected media platforms to drive it. Strategy
The strategy was to cease the moment and ride on current happenings to communicate, leveraging the buzz from "Year of Return" and all activities that come with it. i.e. Parties, social gatherings and other entertainment forms. The target audience was 18+ male and Female, so it was a great platform to leverage media to engage. Insight
Most Ghanaians who patronize paints are specific about what they want, they are no experts and hence rely on artisans, and in some cases professionals to advise on the best options in the market. An average Ghanaian home paints their house once a year but in 2019 (Year of Return); we anticipate that there will be another reason to paint the home before the festivities . In addition, most home owners were likely to be looking for options and music will be one of the key activities that would be driving entertainment. We decided to play on the brand name ‘FINEST’ using music which is generally loved by Ghanaians to drive home the message. Execution
We launched on Radio, with focus on High Reach stations to cut through the clutter for reach. We engaged the respective communities to help drive the needed penetration by engaging them via traditional means of transportation - playing the song in local mini buses (Trotro). A collaboration with all local radio channels and ultimately soliciting top Local DJs to play it in local communities or ordinary places of convergence for the masses. OOH visuals were also launched, covering key parts across the country for widespread awareness and incremental penetration. This was done during the first two months of the campaign. Once the message from the song was established, we engaged them by celebrating their version of "The Finest Things in Life". Hence, a Radio Call-In show to engage the audience and reward them with loads of buckets of Fine Nest pain to beautify their homes during the Year of Return season. OOH & Non-Traditional: 30secs video of the paint is shown on about 200 trotro’s. Th Results
1. Massive awareness levels with 85% reach through media, high visibility and dominance resulting in, 65%+ SOV.
2. Recorded a total average sales of “10,000 tonnes” in key distribution zones within the first 4 weeks of launch.

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