Go Slo Digital Influencer Launch

Category: Channel | Use of Influencers & Brand Ambassadors Award Level: BRONZE Brand: FanMilk | Entrant Company: BrandEye Media, Lagos, Nigeria Background
Go Slo Premium Ice cream is about to launch in Nigeria and is inviting consumers to take the ‘Slo’ approach to life and not rush. It is however faced with a challenge as it is set to be the 1st premium ice cream launched by an indigenous company in Nigeria. Also, in a market dominated by Coldstone with its brick and mortar stores there is a huge need to cut through the clutter and win in that market space Creative Idea
Taking a cue from the brand name coupled with the insight that Ice Cream is a product that you literally cannot consume in a rush, we came up with the idea to ask our target audience to Take Life Slo aka Only Fools Rush and our audience aren't fools
So in the moments when you feel the need to relax, indulge in Go Slo Ice Cream Strategy
How do we best create awareness and communicate the brand proposition to the target consumers? Firstly to win the war on digital, we identified top influencers/high profile celebs who portray the baby boy/ girl lifestyle and are ambassadors for “ I can not come and kill myself” i.e Toke Makinwa and Denola Grey adapting the macro/micro influencer approach. Their role is to launch this brand in their stylish mannerisms and then encourage their followers to take life ‘Slo’ while creating TOMA for brand and dial up brand SM page followership. Execution
Leveraging their huge following on social and sending custom designed Invitation boxes and cards to both influencers; with Instagram as the lead medium, we deployed tease videos (generated by the influencers) informing TA about a prestigious launch event coming soon and how they stand a chance to win tickets (no mention of the brand at this point, which in response drove high curiosity). After competition and winners selection, brand was then revealed on their respective handles putting and end to the curiosity/buzz and encouraging their followers to take the ‘Slo’ approach to life, finding time to relax and kickback in this fast paced world of ours. Results
The Influencer Videos generated over 20,000 organic views and the entire campaign generated over 27 million impressions and over 180,000 engagements and interactions with Go Slo across Digital Platforms.

FanMilk as whole reported a 21% growth in sales in 2019 when compared to the previous year with the launch of Go Slo helping the company report a 26% growth for the Ice Cream sub-category during the same period

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