In Sync with Sho Madjozi

Support Material: Category: Innovation | Social Media Award Level: BRONZE Brand: Johnson & Johnson Entrant Company: King James Group, Cape Town, South Africa Background
Many myths circulate in South Africa about periods, with no easy place to turn to online. There are many things our audience wouldn't ask publicly on social media.
Develop a locally relevant, digitally-led movement that amplifies and enhances Stayfree’s global #OurMove campaign messaging, core communication pillars and assets to naturalise menstruation for an audience of strong South African girls and women.
Increase rate of sale on Napkins (focus on Ultra-Thin)
Drive increased rate of sale on Tampons
Maintain Maxi base business.
Recruit new users on Stayfree with our wider premium offering (Ultra Thins, Tampons and Liners) and superior product claims.
Stayfree aims to naturalise menstruation, so girls can be comfortable with their womanhood to progress in life. Creative Idea
We partnered with rising star Sho Madjozi who invited South Africa to join her on Messenger where a team of experts answered period FAQs through pre-created, low data voice notes, gifs, images and text messages. Users also had the option to speak to a human if they had a more personal question. And the bot could sync up with the user’s period to send a pick-me-up when they needed it most. Strategy
Primary: Women 15 - 35 years LSM 8-10
Secondary: Women 25 - 49 years LSM 5-7
FB, FB Messenger, Earned Media
-Develop a targeted three-month media relations programme
-Produce tailored content pieces aligned to the topics covered on the channel to extend conversation
-Stagger the release of content pieces to sustain exposure
-Target a broad range of media types to secure exposure for the target market
-Leverage Sho Madjozi and Stayfree’s health profession as spokespeople to increase news value and media appeal
What if we could help create a more comfortable community space where our audience can ask us anything and get a response?

Stayfree's strategy was to start a conversation with young South African women around menstruation. To provide information that equips and empowers them to feel comfortable with their bodies. To encourage them to talk more. To ask questions. To clear things up. To learn the facts. To dispel the myths. Execution
We shot a low-budget, yet effective online video commercial featuring Sho Madjozi on Facebook that, with a click of a button, drove the audience to the Facebook Messenger chat bot. This was further amplified through relatable social media content from Stayfree and organic influencer promotion through Sho Madjozi's channels. We launched our campaign in August and it is currently still running. Results
13,9% engagement rate (17 x higher than the benchmark)
x19 ROI (3 x industry benchmark)*
97% response rate
62% longer user time spent than the world's top Messenger bots
88% increase in brand affinity
30% increase in product sales

*For every R1 spent, R19 back in free editorial

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