It takes all kinds of Captains

Category: Channel | Integrated Campaigns Award Level: SILVER Brand: Diageo | Entrant Company: 3Verse, Cape Town, South Africa Background
We needed to revitalise the Captain Morgan brand in South Africa and drive sales. Previous campaigns had boosted awareness of the brand but it was time to refresh the overall campaign. Creative Idea
We rebranded the Spiced Gold and Jamaica Rum bottles – in line with South African pop culture. To demonstrate that it takes all kinds of Captains to bring the fun. Strategy
In a word: Personalisation. We targetted 24-38 year-old, primarily Black urban-dwellers; as well as our traditionally older White/Mixed/Indian audiences, nationwide - by aligning the brand with fun, popular subsets of pop culture. Execution
In a word: Personalisation. We aligned the Spiced Gold and Jamaica Rum bottles with various different personas in pop culture: Captain Vosho (a dance move); Captain Hashtag; Captain Organiser; Captain Jol (a party-goer); Captain Cool; Captain Braai Boss; Captain Karaoke; Captain Bru (a true 'brother'); Captain Bokkie (a 'sweetheart'); Captain Gains (a gym-goer), Captain Spicy; and Captain No-Show (the one who never turns up). Results
Captain Morgan (Trademark) Volume Share: up by 38%. Value Share: up by 9%. Spontaneous Awareness: up by 15%. Nett Positive Social Sentiment Score: 86.5%. Captain Morgan has driven a 124% Year-on-Year Growth of Overall Rum Category (lead by Captain Morgan Spiced Gold): 124%.

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