Jumia Black Friday

Category: Channel | Use of Insights & Strategy Award Level: SILVER Brand: Jumia Nigeria | Entrant Company: Universal McCann, Lagos, Nigeria Background
Black Friday all over the world is the single biggest shopping days in the developed and developing countries, as retailers cut prices to the bone on products, thereby motivating consumers to do major purchases well ahead of the end of year holidays. In Nigeria, the black Friday shopping festival has gone beyond a one-day event. The shopping festival spans between a week to about a month for most retails brands in Nigeria.
Also, the online shopper behaviour within the e-commerce platform indicated that shopping is done mainly within few categories, most especially the electronics, Fashion and Food segment.
Our objective was to create awareness for the campaign and importantly for Jumia to;
1. Recruit new online shoppers.
2. Encourage online shoppers to explore all categories available on the website Creative Idea
To get potential customers excited about going to the Jumia website while also seizing the opportunity to get them to navigate through all the different sections of the website and APP by exploring freebies and unbelievable deals .We therefore introduced the “Jumia Treasure Hunt” and flash sales happening every hour on Fridays in November. This was to drive people to the website and also drive increase sales from all categories while people search for the Treasure Hunt. And also highlighting the flash sales and huge discounts. Strategy
The task though simple enough, had its own challenges when it came to implementation. To stay ahead of the Black Friday blitz, we planned our campaign ahead of competition to start from Oct and with high media weights towards Fridays.
We continuously had to be vigilant of what the competition was doing. We realized that brands outside the e-commerce categories were also doing Black Friday themed promotions during same period. So, in an attempt to be different from competition and optimize our presence, we researched into our Target Audience and found digital and OOH media as strongest channels of influence. We dominated key social media platforms and OOH touch points. We mapped out sites of all Jumia Black Friday trade partners and ensure consistency of joint creatives deployment to align with the campaign theme. We carefully ensured that all brand assets were mapped strategically to avoid duplication. Indoor LCD screens were also deployed in malls and local airports in key markets. Insight
We were able to identify 2 key motivations driving Black Friday online shopping from data as;
1. Customers are on a daily search for the best deals including free shipping
2.Customers are constantly in search of gratification and other benefits to take advantage of.
Based on this insight, we birthed the idea of Treasure Hunt to reward, create awareness and influence shopping on all product categories on Jumia website on Black Friday. Execution
We used the Treasure Hunt as the key driver of traffic to the Jumia website. OOH and Digital banner ads and videos were also used to promote the campaign while the use of Live Radio & TV OAPs/influencers to drive conversation around the Treasure Hunt. We also partnered with DSTV to amplify campaign by leveraging key programmes and supported campaign with terrestrial TV programs. We ran a 2wks teaser on terrestrial TV and digital to promote the Treasure Hunt before commencing the campaign at midnight Friday 8 November with the launch of the first Treasure Hunt on live radio on WAZOBIA FM Lagos. The treasure hunt was the core communication of our TVC. We then stirred up massive conversations with a resounding promise of ‘Free Same Day delivery’ within Lagos if orders come before 12noon. This was further amplified across all key social media platforms and influencer.
Strategic OOH placements were to target the TG around key convergence points. Results
We were able to surpass the set business target by 50% during the Jumia Black Friday 2019,
Acquiring 3.2 times more new customers than the previous months pre campaign. We delivered 2.5 times more orders than the previous months pre campaign.
Media KPIs achieved include;
1. We got more than 31 million unique website visits within the 1month campaign period.
2. Reach 65% on TV & Radio
3. 2055 GRP.

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