Low transfer fee

Category: Innovation | Novel & Devices Award Level: BRONZE Brand: Western Union | Entrant Company: Universal McCann, Lagos, Nigeria Creative Idea
Whilst the pricing perception change could be solved via targeted mass media - TV and Radio, we complemented this using innovative mobile phone ad units to lead customers directly to branches which closes the loop.
Research suggested that the strongest Awareness drivers were TV and Radio, whilst the strongest Transactional driver in the market is Digital Mobile Execution
Research panel data in the market indicated a very high propensity for mobile phone usage amongst the core target who send money across borders, whether it be social media, apps, or basic messaging. We designed and created a location based programmatic strategy that would re-enforce the overall pricing and ultimately drive users to convert in-store.The programmatic ad-unit enabled us to not only target high value audiences but also ensure a smooth user journey as they weren’t forced away from the initial content they were consuming. Based on location and audience data, we created a first-in-Africa programmatic ad unit that served users a mobile carousel ad that not only communicated the core product message but allowed users to engage with the ad unit to open Google maps with the nearest Western Union branch already inputted. All that was left was for users to click “go” and they would be directed step-by-step to their nearest WU Branch. We mapped out all the various agent locations in Uganda to ensure we reached users within a 10-15KM radius of their nearest agent location ensuring ease of accessibility and convenience

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