My Mum, My All

SUPPORT MATERIAL: Category: Innovation | Social Media Brand: Access Bank Ghana PLC Entrant Company: EchoHouse Ghana Limited, Accra, Ghana Background Mother's Day is a celebration honouring the mother of the family, as well as motherhood, maternal bonds, and the influence of mothers in society. With Access Bank being one of the most recognized financial institutions when it comes to inspiring connecting and empowering women, it is imperative that Mother’s Day be marked in a big and memorable way. Access Bank's W Community, is an initiative aimed at empowering women with network opportunities, business and financial advise and health, among others. This became imperative that the bank celebrated and rewarded the Mothers (women) of loyal customers and fans on Mother's Day through surprises. These women act as a spine to the economy and communities through the family, as such, almost everyone seeks to get something or do something to show appreciation to their Mothers. Hence, we acting as the catalyst to ensure that this happens. This campaigned at creating talk-ability, engagements and most importantly brand affinity. Creative Idea Most Mother's are the favorites in the family and Children, old or young always have fond memories of their Mothers. Together with this and Nostalgia, we decided on the idea of "My Mum, My All". This played on Mum's being the heartbeat of the family and connecting the family. One big observation we made was that, Mothers are given unique and special names based on what they liked, how they behaved or acted and the things they said. Hence we asked fans to tell us the special names they gave their Mums. Strategy Access Bank Ghana's target audience are Male and Female 18 and above living across Ghana. They are predominantly mobile users, trendy and dynamic, hence this strategy was socially led focused on Twitter where it bodes for conversations, Facebook which is big on engagements and videos and Instagram which is good for visuals. Execution Here, we played on fans reminiscing about how their Mum's disciplined them, what they used in disciplining them, their favourite saying and what they loved to cook. This was the teaser phase. We then came to the main engagement and competition post which asked fans to give the special names they give their Mothers. Then on Mother's Day we rode on the fact that Mother's play so many important roles in our lives. They act as babysitters, Doctors, bankers, teachers, chefs among other things. Hence, we celebrated them as such with a creative. These were shared across Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Whatsapp. Results #MyMumMyAll trended during the Mother's Day week and weekend. It reached over a million across social media and engaged over 300,000 people. The main Mother's post on social media received over 20,000 views. The responses of fans on the social media generated talkabilty and produced brand affinty among the target audience, the winners and families.

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