Rebranded Trindade Water

Category: Channel | Integrated Campaigns Award Level: BRONZE Brand: TECNICIL INDÚSTRIA Entrant Company: Maianga Cape Verde, Praia, Cape Verde Background
Trindade is one of the most notorious brands in Cape Verde: It´s a national product and market leader for more than 20 years. Trindade has thus built an important legacy with consumers, establishing itself as a brand that represents Cape Verde and the best Cape Verdeans are capable of. Despite the success, Trindade felt the need to strengthen her legacy, by approaching and envolving it´s target. We were then challenged to create a rebranding campaign, renewing its visual identity, positioning and behavior. Creative Idea
The rebranding strategy followed a clear objective: to solidify Trindade's position as a Cape Verdean product, bringing the best of it´s representation. A water that comes out of our soil, that envolves both national finantial and human capital that invests in the country all the result of its sales. This organic interaction gave meaning to the new creative concept - NATURAL DE CABO VERDE - which made it possible to directly associate the product with the nationality and nature of the country. In addition to the new concept, we have modernize the brand image by changing the label and logo. Putting in place a series of actions (plastic reuse) to place Trindade as an environmentally and socially conscious brand. Strategy
Trindade's new concept and visual line were created on in a wide-ranging advertising campaign that lasted a month. The multimedia campaign unfolded in: points of sale, billboards, TV, radio, cinema, sociais networks, online banners, press, sampling and activation actions. Execution

All communication, from text to image, appeal to national elements, reinforcing the link between the brand and the country itself. The visual pieces were carried out by a Cape Verdean model (Verónica Cabral) and the TV and radio spots reproduced moments that marked the recent history of Cape Verde. Results
The campaign has so far served to further consolidate the leadership of Trindade Water. As the brand did not yet have its own social media profiles, we took advantage of the campaign to create its own Facebook community. In a short time, Trindade reached a large following, reinforcing its position as a national product and close to Cape Verdean values.

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