SUPPORT MATERIAL: Category: Innovation | Social Media Award Level: BRONZE Brand: CAPE VERDE GOVERNMENT Entrant Company: Maianga Cape Verde, Praia, Cape Verde Background
The Cape Verdean Ministry of Maritime Economy has requested a communication action to mark World Oceans Day on 8 June. It was a need of the Ministry that this action should serve both to raise awareness of the need for preservation of the oceans and to position Cape Verde as a country concerned with the problem. Creative Idea
The movie "The Restaurant" was recorded with hidden cameras and notes the reaction of people who choose fish for the meal, but are served with various plastics in place of food, showing that this is the material that fish feed due to the amount waste that exists at sea, namely plastic. Strategy
The issue of plastics involves various nuances as pollution causes environmental, social and economic impacts. From the economic point of view, it has to do with the killing of marine species that reduces the country's fishing production and also generates a negative image for tourism, after all, it is not pleasant to go to dirty beaches. We clung to the first point - animal mortality - because we think it causes greater awareness in people. Execution
The platform used was social networks in conjunction with press releases sent to Cape Verdean media and Lusophone news agencies. The Ministry of Maritime Economy's Facebook page was responsible for the launch while the social media and communication managers of the Cape Verdean Government and other ministries and public agencies were told to repost the video, broadening the scope of the message and reinforcing the idea of that the issue of ocean preservation cuts across all policies implemented by governance. Results
So far the video has reached 671,000 views, 11,000 shares and 2,000 reactions, just on the Ministry of Maritime Economy's Facebook page. In addition, the action was prominently reported on TCV, Cape Verde television broadcaster, RTP Africa (Portuguese broadcaster with specific content for Portuguese-speaking African countries), Daily Newspaper and Saturday Magazine (Portugal), Club website São Paulo (Brazil) and dozens of other environmental sites. All of this has helped to make Cape Verde famous, making visible its effort to reduce the impacts of pollution on the oceans and encouraging its inhabitants to join in the fight.

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