Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Campaign

SUPPORT MATERIAL: Category: Channel | Use of Media Award Level: BRONZE Brand: Samsung | Entrant Company: mediaReachomd, Accra, Ghana Background
Samsung is a well know brand but with the increase activities of value based mobile phones, there has been a need to further enhance a very strong emotional connection with the consumers. The core task of this campaign was to achieve this by leveraging the core features of the phone. The second challenge as an audacious task to sell 2000 Samsung Galaxy Note 10 phones within a period of three months in a market with influx of different brands of smart phones. Within the same period, competition was also very active and enhancing their engagement. Huawei, Techno and other cheap smart phones had also increased their activities and this puts Samsung in a very tough state and market scenario to win. However, there was a noticeable gap that premium phone series directly competing with Samsung Galaxy Note 10 were not very visible in market. Strategy
Premium consumers love to see how a tech experience can influence and enhance their daily lifestyle particularly as they prepare for multiple yuletide experiences with friends and family. Our strategy was to dial up the functional and emotional benefit of every tech purchase. Functional because they want social and business benefits to stand them out. Emotional because they want to feel like they've got the best and most recent smart phone from a credible brand. Our strategy was to ensure we drive consumer empathy and targeting to enhance conversation with the campaign. We crafted a big idea “Unbox the Samsung Note10” to demonstrate the features of the latest device using the most engaging media platforms in a unique way to create first hand experiences with the brand and to enhance emotional connection with the consumers Execution
We created a impact based OOH experience with Large Formats sites across Accra, Kumasi and Takoradi to enhance the stature of the brand. We strategically targeted key premium routes only. We leverage TV by enhancing consumer experience with an interactive short video that unboxes the brand features. To enhance brand affinity, we leverage one of the most watched TV programme, New Day (Fresh Morning News Platform in Ghana) by blocking a 15mins window for the Panelists our brand ambassador to Unbox the phone and highlights the key features. Online was very unique as we leverage interactive instream videos to further drive engagements. All executions were focus on driving tra
Though OOH was the lead, we found a way to synchronize the communication between OOH and TV with OOH being the lead to increase the visual presence of the brand. For example; New Day; is a show that consists of branded panels discussing the latest news every morning in week days on TV3. We blocked 15 min on this show. Results
Target sales of 1,500 devices were sold within a month after launch which was 70% increase in sales from when campaign started.

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