Sanlam Cost of Cancer

SUPPORT MATERIAL: Category: Innovation | Social Media Award Level: BRONZE

Brand: Sanlam Entrant Company: King James Group South Africa, Cape Town, South Africa Background
Raise awareness of Sanlam’s Cancer Benefit product and start a conversation around the real costs of cancer that most of us simply aren’t prepared for. Creative Idea
To show the real cost of cancer, we told the story of one family’s journey from diagnosis to recovery - based on real survivor stories and created in partnership with CANSA. Told through social media, we shared 3 family member’s perspectives of battling with the day to day, emotional and physical costs of cancer. The campaign aimed to demystify cancer treatment and provide insight into the hidden costs of tackling the disease in this country. Strategy
We all know that cancer can cost a lot. But it’s not only the medical treatments and recoveries that can put a financial strain on families but the unexpected costs like transport or childcare that most of us haven’t even considered. Nobody likes to talk about cancer, let alone talk about the financial realities of battling the disease. Execution
Multiple social touch points gave viewers the chance to engage with the content in many ways. The Stories provided the content hook, while an Instant Experience gave viewers a chance to take a deeper dive into each stage. The Instagram highlights feature gave viewers the choice to watch all of the content from all 3 family members. Supporting content also included the ability to ask a cancer specialist a question directly on Instagram Stories. Viewers that engaged with the content were later served product-specific advertising based on a three-phased approach. Results
For a campaign about a topic no one wants to talk about, a lot of people did:

3X benchmark click-through rate (Vs social benchmark of 0,58%)
38% view-through rate (Average across all videos)
73% of people watched the entire organic Instagram Story
105% increase in IG profile clicks (During campaign period)

Campaign results 8 October - 20 November 2019.

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