Category: Channel | Use of Influencers & Brand Ambassadors Award Level: SHORTLIST Brand: AB INBEV | Entrant Company: CENTASTAGE LIMITED, Accra, Ghana Background
CLUB Shandy is an easy-drinking low alcohol lemon flavoured beer. It's a by-product of CLUB Beer, Ghana’s premium lager beer since 1931. CLUB Beer + Lemon = CLUB Shandy

CLUB Shandy’s brand purpose is to liberate the joy to make memorable moments that endure, birthed out of a consumer insight that highlights that people want to have fun and fit in whilst being in control

CLUB Shandy is all about daytime enjoyment, where you have fun you won’t regret. It’s objective on social media is to promote daytime enjoyment, highlighting CLUB Shandy as the best flavour for all daytime enjoyment. Creative Idea
The creative idea here is, "Live The Moment." For everything that you do during the day, live it fully and free your enjoyment with CLUB Shandy. Strategy
The target is legal drinking age consumers between the ages of 18-25, in university and entry level job roles who are just dipping into alcohol for the first time and don’t want to lose control while enjoying themselves.

This is a social media specific effort, using social media and influencer to call the target to free their enjoyment with CLUB Shandy
The idea was to share a day in the life of the brand’s social media influencer and how CLUB Shandy brings the flavour to his day.

A video production crew followed the influencer through his typical day. As a graffiti artist and upcoming musician, his typical day gave a lot of colourful texture to the video. He’s by nature a fun person and takes his day by the horns. Giving the audience an all access view to his typical day allowed for the brand’s true self to come through his way of life. Execution
This short campaign was run on Facebook and Instagram for a week, Monday 11th to Sunday 17th November 2019. The influencer took over the brand’s social media pages for the week, sharing his day on each day in stories of both Facebook and Instagram.

While the daily stories gained a lot of traction in views and comments during the week, the climax was on the weekend when all the stories were edited into a highlight video of his week. This video was posted on Friday and boosted through the weekend.

CLUB Shandy’s fans count on Facebook at the time was 13.6k and on Instagram was 793 before the campaign. Results
The campaign garnered major results on Facebook:
90k Video Views
32k Interactions
0.55% positive change in fans (fan growth)

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