Surprise 2


Over the years Hypo has positioned themselves as a highly effective, highly affordable and highly accessible bleaching and cleaning agent. To further cement Hypo’s market leader position, we took it upon ourselves to remind people why and to further spread awareness for the Hypo brand via product USP Describe the Creative Idea

People sometimes see expressions and faces in seemingly mundane things. We decided to take advantage of this phenomenon called Pareidolia. The idea explores the use of the pareidolia caused when clothes are spread, as a tool for driving home the jaw-dropping efficacy of Hypo bleach. Describe the Strategy

Get Nigerians (anyone who cleans) to see Hypo as their preferred Cleaning/ Bleaching agent by showing in clear terms how effective Hypo is. Describe the Execution We got white clothes to be surprised! To drive home the message that ‘Even your white won't believe it’, print materials that portrayed white shirts (that had been hung to dry) with surprised expressions were created and published. List the Results

The campaign was published in the prestigious Lurzer’s Archive, generating talkability both online and offline.
From a business side of things, inquiries into what agency did this by people of interest led to new business opportunities for the agency

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