Taking the Center Stage

Category: Channel | Integrated Campaigns Award Level: SHORTLIST Brand: Huawei Nigeria | Entrant Company: digitXplus, Lagos, Nigeria Background
In an industry with a lot of smartphone brands and new models of these smartphones being released weekly, there was a need to create show stoppers to create impact and get attention of the Core Audience Creative Idea
Certain reservation media is identified as a 'must' for product launches in mobile phone category especially as competition have similar features, where getting attention is key.
The YouTube Masthead is one of the most desired and effective ways to create awareness for the launch of a new phone; we however wanted to bring in efficiency and effectiveness in media format mixes to achieve the same impact and more as which a YouTube masthead would achieve. Strategy
We developed a plan of mixed ad formats on YouTube that would drive the desired output as that of the mastheads.
The marketing objective for YouTube Masthead is to maximize reach & increase awareness which was planned to run for 5 days, however with the new plan we were able to take the campaign further down the marketing funnel to stretch for 6 days. Execution
We opted for a storytelling approach to aid consumer journey keeping in view the funnel by sequency our comms.:
- We used Bumper ad (Sequencing ads across all available material to ensure all comms were passed),
- Trueview In-stream and Trueview for Reach buy types
We used Bumper ad, Trueview In-stream and Unskippable Instream to drive Consideration.
- We used Bumper ad, Trueview In-stream and Trueview for reach to drive Purchase & Consideration. Results
We still delivered on the campaign objective not just in terms of awareness but also delivered on pre orders - with over 100 pre-orders daily
The YouTube videos gained over 400,000 views with over 7.8 million impressions within 6 days
We saved up about 25% of the planned budget if we had used 5 mastheads and delivered better results
All these helped the purchase intent of the product, and the campaign made the client meet one of their brand objective which was to top the trend list on Google.

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