The Mum-Star Classes

Category: Channel | Use of Insights & Strategy Award Level: GOLD Brand: KOKO Fuels | Entrant Company: KOKO Media, Nairobi, Kenya Background
Kenyan millenials are learning cooking from 2 minutes videos and not their mothers. For mother's day, we decided to teach them Creative Idea
A masterclass of the most famous kenyan dishes, prepared by real mothers and delivered on instagram stories. Strategy
Intercept young people's attention online, by delivering snack-able content. Developing short form mobile content that's instructional and speaks to heart of millennials.

2 minutes snack-able content, featuring real kenyan mothers, preparing Kenya's famous dishes. The films were specifically made for Intragram stories, leveraging functionalities of the platform to test the audience knowledge on the content. Results
The following are the results of the campaign we produced.
They're based on video views and engagement.

Impressions: 40,000+
VIEWS: 54000+
Engagement: 158000+

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