Tomorrow is Here

Support Materials: AUDIO 1: AUDIO 2: AUDIO 3: Category: Channel | Integrated Campaigns Award Level: BRONZE Brand: Access Bank | Entrant Company: Imaginarium Limited, Lagos, Nigeria Background In December 2018, Access Bank embarked on a merge journey to create Africa's largest bank by customer base. This merger is known to be one of the biggest bank mergers in Africa. The communication objective for the merger campaign was to enlighten our stakeholders and the general public, emphasizing that the union was a merger and not a hostile acquisition. Creative Idea The strategic direction was a three-pronged approach; the first phase or teaser phase of the campaign which subtly introduced the merger to all stakeholders and was wrapped up with "The Proposal“. The second phase, "Tomorrow is Here" was focused on introducing the new brand identity and positioning, while the third phase or sustenance phase “Access More” embodied the communication of the new brand promise. Strategy Leveraging the idea of marriage, a union that is widely recognized across all socio-economic classes, communication for the teaser phase was designed to show the romantic gesture involved when two individuals, with complementing attributes, meet and decide to plan a future together. We utilized our social media platforms to control narrative and answer questions regarding the merger, especially from customers. The proposal made it possible for customers of both banks to view the merger as a step in the right direction allaying all fears of instability. To do this, a FAQ page was created and traffic driven to educate customers and prospects on the merger. Execution The agency ensured that all communication from the bank had a merge messaging taking note of the 3 different camapaign phase Results With over 1 billion ad impressions, 3 million video views and 500,000 new social media followers, the bank witnessed no account closure due the merger related risk.

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