We Don’t Ask, We Just Dryve

SUPPORT MATERIAL: https://www.instagram.com/p/B2IHUjpJavU/?utm_source=ig_web_copy_link Category: Channel | Use of Insights & Strategy Award Level: BRONZE Brand: Dryve Taxi Cabs | Entrant Company: Nelson Reids, Lagos, Nigeria Background
Our clients, Dryve Taxi Cabs, wanted to make an entry into the market with a strong message to its target customers that it understood their pain points and was providing an improvement to the options available. Creative Idea
The idea was to leverage customer insight to find our what they detested most about the most popular ride hailing companies in Nigeria. We interviewed customers, used social listening to learn about what they most frequently complained about on the web.

Turns out, customers hated being asked random questions by their drivers. Strategy
Using social media, the channel that played host to 99% of the target market, which were young internet savvy people between the ages of 18 and 30, we launched the 'We don't Ask, We just Drive' Campaign.

The campaign featured the most frequently asked questions that irked customers. And then a line of thought that explained that our client's drivers are professional and mind their business. Insight
Learning what customers detested about the other ride hailing service, allowed us achieve two things for our clients:
- Exposed potential value propositions.
- Come up with killer communication to drive sign-ups. Execution
We produced a simple 5-slide copy based ad that ran on Facebook and Instagram. And earned a lot of free media across social media channels from influencers and media professionals. Results
- Spent less than N10,000 on the campaign and achieved over 1200 signs up on the day campaign launched.
- Earned over N1,000,000 worth of free media publicity.
- Numerous calls for client to scale into other parts of Nigeria.

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