Yellow Star

Category: Channel | Integrated Campaigns Award Level: BRONZE Brand: MTN Nigeria | Entrant Company: TBWA/Concept, Lagos, Nigeria Background A reality TV Show set to not just match but surpass the quality and popularity of MTN Project Fame. It is the direct property of MTN, and as such carries the burden of being an overwhelming success. Creative Idea Enough Space in The Sky - There are many hidden stars who question their place in the grand scheme of things. We intend to show them that there is as a matter of fact a vacant spot that can only be filled by them. There's enough space in the sky for you. Strategy To fill up and coming stars and no names with a sense of pride that a spot was being reserved for them. Our press, radios and television first created a sense of anticipation, building up to the big reveal of some A-List celebrity, only to announce that the celebrity is as a matter of fact, you. Execution For Radio we insinuated that a mega-hit was about to be played for the listening pleasure of the audience, only to reveal that the hit couldn't be played because it hadn't been made yet. We accused/challenged the passive listener as being responsible for the creation of that sound the worlds been waiting for. For television, we placed the viewer unknowingly in the shoes of a celebrity rising to fame. The hype built to a crescendo only to reveal that the "star" was as a matter of fact the viewer at home. ' For press we employed the lingo of the music scene to ask questions that would spur confident answers and conversions. The teaser phase employed the use of puns to establish that someone/something important was missing. Results Campaign is still ongoing. So far, we have seen considerable engagement on all platforms. The Youtube video has 1.6million views, Almost 3k tags on Instagram. It has considerable coverage on reputable platforms such as Videos related to the reality show have views to the tune of 5000, and hundreds of comments. The hashtag GuessTheJudges is currently gaining traction on Twitter. Nigerian youth across the country are posting videos of themselves singing cover and original songs, as they attempt to participate in the reality show. We've already created a self sustaining system in which participants search for votes.

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