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Young Lions Competition Design Brief

Deadline: 18:00pm GMT+1, Tuesday 4 May 2021.


The Creating a Better Africa programme is an initiative of the Pitcher Festival of Creativity.  The goal of the programme is to mobilize the private sector towards greater participation in development projects in Africa. Creating a better Africa believes that although governments must continually be held accountable, but only a massive intervention from the private sector can produce the kind of rapid developmental change that we all want to see in the African region.

We acknowledge that many organizations already engage in one form of CSR or the other. However, many of these seem to be PR stunts that are very superficial and are merely designed to help tick a statutory box or make the company look good before various publics. What we want is for brands to develop a sense of social purpose that will show in the way brands delight their customers, the way internal team members are valued, the way they adhere to ethical standards in their participation in society and how the companies engage in fair practices and positively affect all stakeholders.

Furthermore, we believe in the interconnectivity of humans and that actions and inactions of people have a ripple effect and can ultimately have a global consequence.


1. Logo/Brand Identity

2. Two 150-word descriptions

3. Real world applications


• A new logo for “Creating a Better Africa”.

• The logo should work in full color, but also in 1 color only (black).

• The typography & logo Icon should be easily adapted into 3D for marketing and merchandising support (e.g. Mobile app, notebook, laptop covers, Mug, t-shirt)

• The logo must have universal appeal internationally

• The logo should be: Distinctive, ownable and relevant


· Briefing docs

· Installation on site

· Creating a Better Africa stand alone event and as part of the Pitcher Festival

· In apps and websites


150-word description of how the designed mark answers the brief

150-word description of how this identity could evolve over time in Creating a Better Africa issue campaigns.


Visuals of how the mark can be used in the real world

Three visuals of how the “Creating a Better Africa” will look in the real world.

Deadline: 18:00pm GMT+1, Tuesday 4 May 2021.

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