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Young Lions Competition Film Brief

Deadline: 18:00pm GMT+1, Thursday 6 May 2021.


The United Nations has described Good Governance as a situation where “processes and institutions produce results that meet the needs of society while making the best use of resources at their disposal.”

It has also listed 8 indicators of Good Governance as follows:

· Participation

· Rule of Law

· Transparency

· Responsiveness

· Consensus Oriented

· Equity and Inclusiveness

· Effectiveness and Efficiency

· Accountability

Despite the rise of multiparty democracy, many African countries still face massive challenges in the area of Good Governance for the following reasons:

· Dismal State of Press Freedom

· Proliferation of Restrictive Laws

· Entrenched Leaders and the Abuse of Term Limits

· Weak Regional Human Rights Mechanisms

· Economic Competitiveness

Creating a Better Africa believes in the active and equal participation of the civil society as a principle of Good Governance. However, Businesses are also part of society and societal institutions and they link stakeholders, such as customers, suppliers, employees, host communities, regulators and financiers. All of these stakeholders represent an opinion in the way the system should be run and when things are not working well the entire chain suffers. It’s therefore not only just a good idea but should in fact be a responsibility for businesses to participate in projects that help to maintain democratic principles and Good Governance.


Decision makers at various levels in the private sector, entrepreneurs, CEOs, CFOs, CMOs, etc. Opinion leaders and influencers.


Create a film of about 60 seconds that can run in social media or other video platforms for Creating a Better Africa to address the issue above.

Use of Copyrighted Materials: Use only library music that is free of copyright. If you choose to use copyrighted music, you must also provide documentary evidence that you have the license to use the music. We do not want Facebook or YouTube to reject the posts because of improper use of copyrighted music.

If you record images or voices of models, each of them must sign the model release form. Downloadable from Young Lions Competition page at


You must submit your work either as MP4 or MOV file.

Names: The names of team members and that of their companies must not appear anywhere on the work to be submitted, judging is done anonymously.

Deadline: 18:00pm GMT+1, Thursday 6 May 2021.