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Manu Lapière

Director & Director of Photography, Ginger Pictures, Johannesburg, South Africa.

Entertainment Jury Member



I’m a Belgian director and director of photography based in Johannesburg. I’m a member of the SASC (South Africa Society of Cinematographers). I’m primarily known for my work as a commercial director but I started my career as a director of photography.

I’ve always been in love with filmmaking and I was already going to the premieres of Indiana Jones, Star Wars when I was a child. I studied cinematography at the IAD, one of the best film schools at the time, which allowed me to learn film with the best, such as Dean Cundy, Billy Williams, Vittorio Storaro. I came out in the top of my promotion and I immediately started to work on short films, documentaries, commercials.

My passion quickly led me to South Africa, the country of wild nature and grandiose landscapes where I filmed hundreds of music videos for the lead South African singers. I operated for Michael Apted, Adrian Biddle, Michael Seresin, took part in almost a hundred documentaries for Discovery Channel, MTV, National Geographic… I worked as a DOP on 8 movies. During this incredible journey, I met people and production companies from all over the world like the USA, Canada, Japan, India, Taiwan, the UK.., including many celebrities.

My work as a DOP was awarded several times for best cinematography for music videos at the SASC awards, documentaries and a feature film (Fespaco) or was finalist in the Loeries.

For the last years I have been focusing on directing TV commercials for international clients. I received many accolades in festivals such as African Cristal Festivals, Grand Jury de la Publicité Panafricaine, Les Créatives in the Indian Ocean.

I speak French, English, Italian, Dutch, with an understanding in Spanish and Portuguese. My projects took me in more than 25 different countries, got me to film with giant pythons, on camel back, on a crane over fire, on the Congo River, underwater, in all kind of helicopters and in zero gravity.

I’m looking forward to the next adventure!

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