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Registration is Now Open for Participation

Youth focused events are the heart of the Pitcher Festival.  The festival provides two major platforms, the Future Creative Leaders Academy and the Young Professionals Academy to help nurture talented youth to greatness. Each academy has its own intensive training programme, life-changing competitions and usually connects with our partner events, bringing  participants together with their peers from around the world. 

Future Creative Leaders Academy

The Future Creative Leaders Academy (FCLA) is a Pitcher Festival platform that brings together students from several tertiary institutions for seminars, screening and workshops conducted by a faculty of industry experts. The FCLA serves as an early immersion for students into the competitive world of advertising.

Young Professionals Academy

The Young Professionals Academy (YPA) is a a Pitcher Festival platform for bespoke learning programmes  and competitions for young professionals of up to 30 years working in areas such as advertising, brand management, digital communications, copywriting, art direction and  marketing communications in general. 

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