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Santher Mbacham

Founder & MD ImageNation, Douala, Cameroon

Channel Jury Member



Mbacham Santher is an unapologetic gregarious 29 year old Cameroonian, who derives fulfillment from working strategically to increase her country's economic prosperity by primarily strengthening the business ecosystem and secondarily, strengthening the relationships between brands and their publics via creative public relations and branding. This is in a bid to make them more
profitable, and

She founded Imagenation, a PR Agency which exists to highlight the successes, opportunities and challenges within Cameroonian society, while simultaneously strengthening mutually beneficial relationships between brands and clients by, enhancing their brand profile through campaigns, stories and achievements and by protecting their image on or off the digital sphere.
Founded together with her friends, Mafue Forchu and VelveetaViban, she serves as Managing Director since 2019 where she has successfully managed PR campaigns and activities for brands/organizations, like TotalEnergies, Ballantine’s, Jameson, MARCAD, CAF and so much more.

She served as a Communications officer for the African Institute for Mathematical Sciences where
she used a series of communications tools to craft strategies in order to optimize visibility, and demystify Mathematics that will consequentially, increased the pipeline of students studying STEM in Cameroon.

She believes she is on a lifelong mission to change the current narrative about her country, one PR campaign, one story, one mentee at a time under ImageNation PR Agency, ensuring its growth and impact on society.

She recently got nominated by family and friends and eventually chosen by Sir. Tony Elumelu to be part of his International Women's Day mentees. An opportunity of a lifetime, she doesn’t not take for granted.

When she is not changing the narrative, you can always find me behind a camera lens with her younger brother, taking simple, yet elegant pictures, or on a basketball court, which got her 2 championship medals for Apejes de Mfou, or in church leading souls to Christ by playing the percussions or on the mic, MCing weddings and events in both English and French.

She subscribes to the "Women Supporting Women" narrative because of her personal experiences and how Women have been at the helm of her success story. She believes in the power of owning the mic because you can tell your story how no one else can tell it.

Added to her belief is in the power of “community” and that is why family and friends mean everything to her. There is nothing more that lightens up her world than seeing others happy. Whatever it takes to see a smile and some satisfaction on another's face, count her in.

The biggest lessons she has learned from her parents is Service, Kindness and Honesty, principles she strives to live by and emulate in her daily and professional life.

She is very social media savvy and her favorite app is Twitter. There, she talks about, PR, Comms, Branding, Influencer marketing, Media, movies, documentaries, Football, basketball, reality Tv, Cameroon and current trends. Her love for Cameroon has earned her the name #Cameroon'sPublicist and is predominantly known on social media as the cool, opinionated, hilarious Cameroon’s publicist who cracks their ribs.

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