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Alistair King, 2021 Pitcher Awards Heritage Jury President



Managing Partner, Godmother, Romania




A seasoned advertising expert with over two decades of diverse experience, Alice Gavril has navigated through leading advertising agencies to entrepreneurial ventures. Her expertise in integrated communication and brand management, at prestigious agencies, is complemented by her embrace of the digital revolution. Alice has led strategy and client service departments, and is currently Managing Partner at Godmother, specialized in live brand experience.
Beyond her personal development, Alice is committed to sharing her insights, mentoring teams, and teaching digital marketing management. She aims to cultivate a culture of collaboration and growth. Every day presents an opportunity for advancement, and Alice is eager to seize it, just as she's done with Pitcher Festival. She thinks that through creativity, communication and marketing can genuinely enrich the lives of individuals and communities, not merely serve as metrics for brands.

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