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Alistair King, 2021 Pitcher Awards Heritage Jury President



Executive Creative Director - X3M Ideas Lagos, Nigeria

Craft Jury President



Ideas start conversations.
And great ones create engagement.
I have been putting ideas in front of people for over 40 years.
From big brand campaigns and cool product launches, to hard hitting retail promotions and information driven websites.
From traditional media platforms to the latest in digital, experiential, shopper, and social.
I am strategic, I write, I design, and have won many International awards. I have led teams of up to 120 people, both agency and client side, to do the same.
I have been told I present well, and more importantly listen well, all the way to the C-suite.
I was born and educated in the UK, spent 20+ years in Australia, currently live and work in Nigeria, having worked in the UK, Taiwan, Kenya and Australia, as well as creating work for India, China, Germany, EMEA, North America and many other Asian countries.

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