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Alistair King, 2021 Pitcher Awards Heritage Jury President



Creative Director, Ogilvy Africa - Kenya

Craft Jury Member



Follow your intuition. Find the truth. Create good work. Make an impact.

For the seven years that Teresa has spent in advertising, these have been the pillars that guided her along the way into creating impactful, award winning campaigns for clients such as

Teresa is an award-winning insight-obsessed Creative Director currently working at Ogilvy Africa – Kenya. Teresa, who also goes by Terry, believes that deeply understanding one’s consumers’ truths is the key to unravelling how to truly connect with them. This has been part of her arsenal for crafting powerful brand stories for brands such as Godrej, ICEA LION, Safaricom, P&G, Coke, Philips, Diageo, Mondelez, to name a few;  and has aided her in creating campaigns that placed her in the prestigious Next Creative Leaders 2021 list - a first for an East African woman.

Terry is always in awe of the impact we can make in this industry. She believes we can form and inform culture and inspire action in millions. She believes we should all hold that power responsibly, always be true to ourselves and make work that will leave some good in the world.

Because to her,  our work is our legacy.

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