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Alistair King, 2021 Pitcher Awards Heritage Jury President



CEO Africa, Hill&Knowlton, Cape Town, South Africa

Good Jury President



A 25-year plus veteran in the communications business, Roz is CEO Africa at Hill&Knowlton, a WPP company, where she is responsible for driving growth across the continent.
Roz is a well-rounded communicator who has a proven track record of advising and supporting global and regional clients to tackle complex issues in a cross section of sectors including government, technology, resources, financial services; industrial and professional services. This includes being front-line counsel to organizations in crisis.
An entrepreneur at heart, she was a partner in a niche communications firm for many years, helping grow the business to the point where it was bought by H&K in 2013.
Social impact, innovation, sustainability, entrepreneurship are common threads of this news junkie’s reading habits, and are reflective of her passion for the continent’s people and their resilience.

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