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Alistair King, 2021 Pitcher Awards Heritage Jury President



COO, Lowaki Eco-Solutions Ltd, Nairobi Kenya.

Pitcher Talks Speaker



Anne is a dynamic leader with a strong background in finance, entrepreneurship, and sustainability. Holding a CPA (K) and a Bachelor's degree in Commerce, Anne has amassed over 15 years of experience in both corporate and entrepreneurial settings. Currently serving as the COO and co-founder of Lowaki Eco Solutions, a green energy solutions aggregator, Anne is committed to leveraging innovation to drive positive change in Africa.

With a focus on achieving a just transition to clean energy solutions in Africa ,her passion for women's empowerment is evident in her efforts to integrate gender equality into her work. By weaving together Women Empowerment, Climate, and Health, we envision a holistic approach that not only empowers women as entrepreneurs and environmental advocates but also ensures their health and well-being.

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