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Creating a Better Africa

Today's consumers are not just interested in your products and services, they also want you to share their cares and passion. 

Recent events in the world like outbreaks of disease, migration, and impacts of climate change have clearly demonstrated that no region is immune from the problems of others. Although we must continue to hold governments accountable for developmental issues, we must accept that we have a collective responsibility towards sustainable development.

Many organisations already engage in one form of CSR or the other. However, beyond this, Creating a Better Africa is a call to purpose.  Purpose is  when the connection to society and development is at the heart of the business and brand strategy.   It will show up in the way brands delight their customers, how the internal team members are valued, ethical participation in society, when companies engage in fair practices and positively affect all stakeholders. A

Pitcher Festival collaborates with organisations to showcase interventions in this area. Also various seminar and workshop sessions are organised under this platform. Creating a Better Africa also challenges young professionals t with briefs to find solutions to some of society's major problems. 

To participate, collaborate or sponsor Creating a Better Africa programme, please


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