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FCLA 2024 Project Brief

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The Future Creative Leaders Academy (FCLA), a youth program of the Pitcher Festival of Creativity, provides an intensive learning platform for students in universities and tertiary institutions. It aims to inspire and immerse hopeful professionals into the world of advertising and marketing communications. As we gear up for the 2025 session, we recognize the need to raise awareness about FCLA within universities and departments relevant to our field.


Our goal is to increase awareness of FCLA among students and faculty members in universities offering advertising and marketing communication courses. We want to empower the current cohort of FCLA participants to create a compelling communication strategy that resonates with their peers and encourages participation in the academy.

Target Audience

●     University Students: Third-year (those the will be in final-year in 2025) students pursuing advertising and marketing communication courses.

●     Faculty Members: Heads of departments and lecturers in relevant fields.

●      Wider industry stakeholders including potential sponsors and potential employers

Key Message

"Unlock Your Creative Potential: Join the Future Creative Leaders Academy!"


1.  Presentation Deck (Up to 12 Slides):

○    Introduction to FCLA: Overview, mission, and impact.

○    Why FCLA? Benefits for students.

○    Testimonials from past participants.

○    Program highlights: Competitions, seminars, workshops.

○    Awards and recognition.

○    Call to action: How to get involved.

○    Speak to your Head of Department about nominating you to join for 2025. 

2.  Creative Samples (Choose at least two media formats):

○    Posters: Eye-catching visuals promoting FCLA.

○    Audio: Engaging radio spots or podcasts.

○    Film: Short video clips showcasing FCLA experiences.

○    Digital: Social media graphics, banners, or interactive content.

Key Dates

●     Registration Opens: October 7, 2024.


●     Pre-Festival Program: March 20–21, 2025.

Evaluation Criteria

●     Creativity and originality.

●     Alignment with FCLA's mission.

●     Feasibility of implementation.

●     Impact on target audience.

This project empowers you as the current FCLA cohort to be the ambassadors of FCLA and creativity and spread the word about this incredible opportunity!

DOWNLOAD FCLA logo here.

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