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FCLA Brief

The Challenge

Create a compelling communication on behalf of Creating a Better Africa (CABA) to promote the implementation of SDG 5 at various levels of national and corporate governance.


Creating a Better Africa, the advocacy arm of the Pitcher Festival will like to lend its voice to the call on leaders in government and corporate organisations especially for those directly involved in making laws to ensure that our laws are based on fairness and gender equity.  

Sustainable Development Goal 5 focuses on gender equality. The official document describes the goal as aiming to “Achieve gender equality and empower all women and girls".  SDG 5 aims to grant women and girls equal rights, opportunities to live free without discrimination including workplace discrimination or any violence. Although many countries have signed up to this, we know that a lot still needs to be done at the legislative level if this goal is to be fully realized in the living experiences of girls and women.  

A practical example of this issue was evident when the National Assembly in Nigeria recently voted against five gender bills addressing certain issues affecting women through amendments to promote women’s rights in relation to indigeneship and citizenship, as well as political inclusion. This necessitated a coalition of women led by Womanifesto to occupy the National Assembly for a period of time.

The gender bills include the bill on citizenship seeking to amend section 26 to grant citizenship to foreign husbands of Nigerian women currently guaranteed in section 26(2)(a) for foreign wives of Nigerian men; the indigeneship bill to allow women to claim their husbands’ state of origin.

Others are the Affirmative Action Bill to ensure 35 per cent positions for women, the bill on ministerial or commissioner nomination and the reserved seat bill to create an additional 37, 74 and 108 seats for women at the Senate, House of Representatives and the state houses of assembly respectively.



  • A deck of not more than 10 slides saved as PDF that captures your idea, strategy and chosen media platforms. The top 5 performers will be required to present live to the jurors. Your presentation will be made from this deck which you can save as PowerPoint or any other package you are comfortable with for online presentation.

  • An A3 size digital board saved in JPEG format including text (not more than100 words maximum), graphics, images etc. that summarize your work.  

  • Creative examples of your idea can work in 2 of your chosen media platforms saved either as PDF, JPEG, MP3 or MP4 depending on your choice of media.



11:59 WAT 9 April 2022

Mandatory Inclusions

CABA logo available here

Creating a better Africa website

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