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Competition Terms and Conditions



All participants must meet the age requirements for the competition, inability to provide acceptable proof of date of birth or submission of false documents will result in disqualification at whatever stage the discovery is made. Students are not eligible to participate in Young Professionals Academy.  Participants in all categories must not be more than 30 years old by 22 May 2022 and if participating in the Young Lions Competitions will also need to remain 30 or less by 24 June 2022. Please note that winners from 2020 who are waiting due to the pandemic to compete this year are exempted from this rule.  

 Entry  Fee 

Payment is not separately required for participation in the competitions. However, every competitor must first be registered into the Young Professionals Academy.  For 2021,  in consideration of prevailing pandemic, the Academy registration has been slashed to USD 50 (NGN 25,000) per participant.  


Please stick to the timelines for the competition and the exact format prescribed in the brief for submission. Requests for extension or concessions will not be entertained and can lead to disqualification. Please understand that it is our responsibility to maintain a neutral platform that offers no party an advantage no matter how little.  

Competition Result

The  jury members are drawn from reputable organisations.  As organisers, we only provide administrative support, we neither have control over the result or are able to influence the outcome of the competition. By entering for this competition, you agree to accept the verdict of the jury as final. 


Exact timings for the competitions will be announced  in due course.  Winners will be announced during the Pitcher Festival in special entry review session including all the jurors and all the participants. This is an opportunity for those who have questions on the result to raise them directly in a fair and transparent process with the jurors in the presence of all the participants. 


The entire process will take place virtually in 2022, so there will be no need for travels or arrangements for hotel accommodation this year. 


Winning Teams

Competitors  may choose to enroll in the national Young Lions Competition alongside the Young Pitcher Integrated competition. The winning team in each category will be crowned champions for their country plus the opportunity to represent their country at the international finals as part of the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity in June 2022.  Please note that  Young Lions Competitions are done on a national basis, so if your country also has a national competition, you will need to qualify through that process. 

The main goal of the national competition is to narrow down interest to participating in the international competition to only one team per category per eligible country for 2022 through a fair and transparent process.


After winning the national Young Lions Competition, the winning team becomes their country's flag bearer  and their employer becomes their sponsor. It is acceptable for the employer to provide a 3rd party sponsor. The competition will be done online, after which the participant may choose to attend the festival in-person in Cannes.  The cost of participating the online competition is about EUR 1200 per team.  Where a team decides to attend the festival in-person, additional payments will be required.  This includes Cannes Lions registration upgrade for the two team members, visa processing, flight tickets, accommodation and airport transfers. 

Accommodation in Cannes

The standard practice is to provide twin-room accommodation in a 2/3-star hotel or similar studio accommodation for team members. Teammates of the same gender will be assigned the same twin-room. Where team mates belong to opposite genders, they will be assigned to twin-rooms with other competitors of the same gender. However,  some companies may insist on having their staff in single rooms, especially with the prevailing pandemic. This is possible, but please note that it may attract extra cost. 

Please also note the international competition is guided by the rules of the Young Lions Competition of Cannes Lions  and the rules of the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity in general, therefore changes to programme rules, timelines and structure and fees are subject to change without prior notice. 

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